Electronic music progenerated from 1980’s synth-pop, examining the complexity of human communication; how we relate, connect, and manage the inevitable failures inherent in all fragile machinery.

Photo by Angela DiTerlizzi

Photo by Angela DiTerlizzi

Vocals, Synths / Christopher Maxwell Rose
Additional Vocals / Tim Fisk


I never fell out of love with the synth music of the early 80’s: Depeche ModeThe Human LeaguePet Shop BoysOMD, and Gary Numan, just to name a few of my heroes. I definitely try to evoke their sensibilities in my own music. Pairing the coldness of the electronic synthesizer with the soulfulness of songs about the human heart was one of the most intriguing aspects of 1980’s new wave. Bands like Soft CellYazoo, and Erasure have done an awesome job of it. 

Many of my lyrics revolve closely around the concept of communication; and usually how it goes wrong. The band name, Maxwell’s Complex, was inspired by Maxwell’s Equations, which are “a set of partial differential equations that form the foundation of classical electrodynamics and electric circuits. These fields in turn underlie modern electrical and communications technologies.” (Yep, I read a lot of Wikipedia.)